Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Styling And Photography

All images taken by me.


  1. your food and photography are mouth watering...

    i see you didn't come up on my dashboard, i have the same problem with my blog our daily dishes, frustrating not to know you posted it just popped up since i visited, which kind of is a dumb thing since now i already know there was a new post!

  2. Carissima amica Ingrid!....I would take a plane right now to sit with you at the table and taste this truly heavenly looking fruit cake....!!

    It does seem to me almost unreal; it's a fabulous work of pastry-art, cara....magnificient indeed!!!!!!!!

    All these wonderful fruits in the transparent red gelatine....ahhhh....& the delicate creme in the middle....: I am checking right now the departure of the next flight, dear.....(you might come and pick me up at the airport...????? hehehe...!!)

    ELEGANTISSIMI photographs, cara...absolutely are a real ARTIST!!!!

    Have a wonderful end of summer, cara Ingrid!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  3. Thank you so much "Once in a blue moon" and Elvira for your lovely comments!

  4. My beloved friend Ingrid
    Returned in September and discovered this wonderful, tasty and elegant, like all your blogs!
    Many kisses